Transform Your Interior with Art and Design

Discover how art and design can transform your interior with this guide from an expert.

Transform Your Interior with Art and Design

Adding texture to a space is an essential part of interior design. Art is an enjoyable and effective way to do this, as it can come in a variety of mediums. Think about pieces such as sculptures or shadow boxes to add some depth to your space. Every element of a home's interior must be meaningful, functional, or both.

Art should evoke emotions in the homeowner and reflect their happiest or most influential memories. It should also create the atmosphere they wish to achieve in each room. Art in interior design can be used as a vehicle for peace and tranquility, or for stimulation and instigation.By examining existing art in the space, you can determine the types of themes, genres, and color palettes that appeal to you. Incorporating art into your walls is one of the most transformative design tricks you can use.

Kate Spence from Hub Architects and Designers recently designed the architectural interiors of a house in Clarendon Place, London. She chose a fun painting that would happily coexist with the vibrant chaos of family life.When selecting a piece of wall art to be the focal point of your space, size is the most important factor. However, if you're feeling apprehensive about giving wall art such a prominent role in your design plans, remember that every room needs a focal point. This can be an expensive piece of art painted by a famous artist, or something more creative and affordable.

Known for his paintings, Hunt Slonem is also highly regarded for his large scale sculptures and restorations of abandoned historic houses.Art is essential as an emotional support tool and as a design element within the home. It can help tell a story through interior design, give life to a space, bring bold elements to the room, or simply be the perfect piece for your composition. By using art in interior design, you can respond to touches of velvet, wavy wood, and gold throughout the house.

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