Unveiling the Secrets of Asian Interior Design

Discover how to create an Asian interior design with expert tips from Beth, a kitchen and bathroom designer. Learn about traditional teapots, rice paper screens, natural materials like bamboo and stone, low-rise Japanese-style furniture and more.

Unveiling the Secrets of Asian Interior Design

When it comes to Asian interior design, many people think of the simple lines and pale colors found in traditional Japanese homes. But this style encompasses much more than that. It includes elements from many countries and cultures, such as the use of clean and simple lines, floral motifs, wall art, natural materials, multifunctional furniture, and low-rise Japanese-style furniture. Red is a prominent color in this style, as it symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture.

To achieve an Asian design feel in your home, you can use traditional teapots and rice paper screens. Beth, a kitchen and bathroom designer, can provide useful tips and information about designing your home with an Asian style. To create a balanced color combination for the interior, you should opt for more neutral colors in common areas. You can also mix elements, colors and decoration techniques from different countries and even eras to create a perfect design.When it comes to materials, bamboo, stone and dark wood are common in Japanese-style Asian interior design.

Natural fibers such as silk are essential, and some silk fabrics are artfully embroidered with intricate designs. Chinoiserie is an art form in which furniture and accessories follow the pattern of the detailed ornaments and complex decoration of Chinese designs.A classic Japanese piece of furniture is a low dining table surrounded by comfortable cushions. Diners sit on the cushions to eat, recline or relax as they feel comfortable. Accessories can help consolidate Asian-style design in your home, but furniture will help create the base.The Asian style is characterized by very careful planning when choosing the combination of interior colors, textures, furniture, decorative elements and lighting.

To further reinforce this sense of balance, look for low-rise Japanese-style furniture, an immediate sample of Asian Zen interiors. The interior design of Asian homes is attractive and fascinating for many people who want to understand the philosophy and lifestyle and experience the daily lives of people living in Asia.

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