5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Design

Let works of art inspire your home design palette! Learn 5 creative ways to incorporate art into your home design from Decor Aid's senior designers.

5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Art into Your Home Design

Let works of art inspire a room's palette and take the initiative when it comes to decorating. Immerse yourself in art with a mural, and when it comes to decorating with art there are no rules, almost. Whether you're designing an interior around a piece of art, or you're looking for wall decor to fill a certain space, “always choose your art because you love it”. To incorporate art into your living room, start by finding your focal point.

Go into the room and be able to identify where your eyes land first. A living room is the perfect spot for an eye-catching piece of art, and you can base the rest of the room's design on it. This can be as simple as choosing one of the secondary colors of the central piece of art and distributing it throughout the room. For example, gray is relaxing, so consider basing the design or theme of your bedroom on different gray gradients.

Yellow creates a cozy and cheerful atmosphere, so a piece of art with a bright yellow tone is perfect for the living room. And the works that shout red or orange are incredible in the dining room and provoke lively discussions among the guests at dinner. An alternative to traditional paints is metalwork. Metal provides a contrasting texture in rooms and can add warmth or freshness to the space.

Three-dimensional examples are a fantastic example of how to incorporate an intriguing and eye-catching piece of art into any room. This craftsmanship style is also perfect for traditional and contemporary properties, and it also blends seamlessly with industrial design and vintage and elegant interiors. Sculpture is a charming way to bring an extra dimension to a living space, taking art off the walls and bringing it inside. A mirror may not look like a typical piece of art to hang, but there are several designs that reflect personal style and taste along with a practical piece of household items.

To help your artwork complement your interior, consider reflecting the shapes of other pieces in the space. In this kitchen, interior designer Julia Dempster selected a series of four limited-edition works by Eichholtz that reflected the cubist shapes of the chandelier on the kitchen island. In fact, sometimes the frame can be as decorative as art; in fact, decorating with photo frames can be a fabulous feature even when it's not full of a painting. In fact, when it comes to interiors, most interior designers agree that art is the soul of a scheme.

This art form is created using fabric cords such as linen, yarn, jute, hemp or leather to tie or weave a design. Incorporating this type of artwork adds depth and texture to a room and works in a variety of spaces, including bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. This stunning Bandipur mural by Designers Guild depicts a hand-painted Indian landscape with delicate trees, meandering rivers and soft clouds printed on a textured grass fabric, bringing soft colors and textures to the living room. The senior designers at Decor Aid share five creative ways to incorporate art and give your home the makeover it deserves.

To ensure that detailed artwork remains the center point of the space, opt for furniture with sleek lines and simple silhouettes. The walls have wide brushstrokes that give depth and a sense of movement, but more importantly, they don't compete with the work of art.

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