Designing Your Windows: Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Living Room Window Treatments

Designing your windows doesn't have to be difficult! Follow these tips & tricks for maximum effect & make your living room look bigger & brighter.

Designing Your Windows: Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Living Room Window Treatments

Designing your windows doesn't have to be a chore. With the right tips and tricks, you can make your living room look bigger, brighter, and more luxurious. When it comes to curtains, hang them at least 12 inches above the window frame or up to the ceiling, and extend the curtain rod 3 to 6 inches on each side for maximum effect. Curtains that rest just above the frame can make the window look smaller and let in less light, giving the entire space a cluttered look.

Make sure that when open, the curtains should not fall more than 2 inches into the frame on each side. To add a touch of style and make the window a focal point of the design, opt for two treatments: a matchstick shutter framed by curtains, wooden blinds combined with a beautiful Roman blind, or blinds with blinds topped with an elegant valance.Too much of anything is often a bad thing, and window treatments are no exception. The more fabric you place on a window, the less light will shine and the smaller your space will look. Try out different layer styles before you commit.

Additionally, when buying curtains, always measure the height of the wall first for a tailored look. The curtains should be slightly waterlogged, touch the floor, or be half an inch above.Good window treatment adds style, but good window treatment becomes part of the architecture of your home. When choosing interior blinds or shutters, splurge on varieties of wood or synthetic wood with wide slats. These exclusive treatments may cost more up front, but they can actually increase the value of your home in the long term.

Plastic blinds break and discolor easily, and detract from the overall appeal of your space.Window treatments are visible from inside and outside, so choose wisely to improve the color combination and architecture of your home's exterior. Blocks of color can work with curtains, but mismatched “pairs” that echo abstract paintings are just plain strange. As a rule, avant-garde ideas are better expressed in coffee table books than in dining room window frames. Unless you're a big fan of Rear Window, it's unlikely that you'll be interested in broadcasting your activities to your neighbors.Keep in mind that transparent breezes that gently filter light during the first half of the day can make you (and your home) feel naked once the sun sets.

Holding on to the hope that someday uncomfortable vertical blinds will experience a retro revival is a mentality that can only end in heartbreak. In addition, accepting an outdated window treatment to save money is not really saving since furniture you do like will seem less attractive in the company of cheap blinds. Thoughtful additions such as smooth edges on patterned Roman curtains can make a pretty treatment look downright gorgeous.When it comes to patterned window treatments, find a repetition that integrates into your space. A treatment like custom-made ribbon ornament could be effective in a crisp, monochrome kitchen but not in other spaces.

While it's good to keep certain rules in mind when decorating most windows, they aren't strict and fast. Trust your instincts when designing small or complicated places and remember that a window treatment is designed to treat light, noise or temperature according to the needs of your space.Folding doors along with generous glazing create a fabulous connection between inside and outside but can cause wood furniture and floors to change color over time due to sun exposure. Choosing window treatment ideas that come with built-in UV protection can make this less of a challenge on a day-to-day basis. Blinds that are designed to stop UV light damage will also make screens easier to see on sunny days.Rooms that face the street need treatment that provides privacy without making them shady; specially designed blinds, shutters and window sheets can help here.

Thanks to its ingenious double bar design, you can hang both a curtain and a curtain around the window but draw them independently. For a traditional living room opt for curtains with decorative patterns inspired by historic designs such as Palampore Tree of Life design from Warner House (opens in new tab), which is based on exotic chintzes printed in 17th century on Coromandel coast for European market.If space on both sides of window is tight opt for neat roller shutter attached to frame or inside gap. In rooms where window treatment based on practicality is chosen such as blinds in lower half of living room window to offer privacy it is best to choose timeless white design. To add color and decoration you can frame window with curtains which are more to add decoration.Striking painting ideas for window treatment can bring character and enthusiasm to an interior scheme or be silent counterpoint to extravagant scheme.

While fuchsia walls and ceiling make statement on their own designer took this room to next level with bright orange sofa.Many different styles are offered such as full window blinds half-cafeteria design completely solid blinds to completely....

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