What is the Conceptual Design Phase in Interior Design?

The conceptual design phase is an initial stage of interior design process which involves gathering information about project, understanding client's needs & preferences, developing a design concept & more.

What is the Conceptual Design Phase in Interior Design?

The conceptual design phase is the initial stage of the interior design process. It involves gathering information about the project, understanding the client's needs and preferences, and developing a design concept that meets those needs. Sketches are created to transform space planning and make the space functional. The designer also collects information about the project and creates a detailed summary of the design objectives.

Through design workshops, architectural designs are developed and 3D models are created to describe the volumetric aspects of the design. Additionally, lighting concepts and mechanical and electrical requirements are defined. In larger projects, additional phases may be added to address the complexities of design and construction. Once the final design has been approved, bids are requested from contractors and a detailed schedule of works is prepared.Design development is the phase in which a single path to follow has been identified, but all the details have yet to be resolved.

One or more design concepts are presented to the customer in the form of a proposal for review, feedback, and approval. Once the contractor has been appointed, workshops are organized to review the design proposals in detail and advise on any specialized subcontracted elements of the project. Post-occupancy assessment (POE) is an important final step in the design process, where the designer tracks user satisfaction and makes adjustments and revisions to improve the result.

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