What is the Most Popular Interior Design Style Today?

Modern interior design is the most popular home style in 32 states according to a new study from Confused.com. Learn more about boho, Mediterranean, cottage, industrial & bohemian styles.

What is the Most Popular Interior Design Style Today?

Modern interior design is the most sought-after home style in the United States, according to a recent study from Confused.com. This design movement puts nature at the forefront and uses natural materials such as local woods and rattan, as well as linen, cotton and leather. The color palette is usually kept simple, with white, gray and beige being the most popular choices. The boho aesthetic is a unique style that departs from any other style and embodies a more fun and free-spirited look.

It combines new furniture with old items from the flea market, and it's okay to have six different chairs around a large table. Natural materials such as wood and rattan are used for decoration, along with cozy fabrics such as cotton, mohair and linen. Bright yellows or blues, eye-catching patterns, wild fringes, or dazzling embroideries can be added for a more decorative touch. Batik, macrame and other simple handicrafts are also common.

The Mediterranean aesthetic is characterized by a mix of light colors, earth tones and touches of warm accents. Clay, raffia and linen are the most popular materials used in this style, as well as local olive or pine wood. The cottage look originated in 17th century Britain and is characterized by country-style furniture and accessories. The industrial aspect was born out of necessity in the 1960s and is characterized by brick walls, pipes and steel structures left exposed to deliberately contribute to a dramatic effect.

The bohemian style combines vintage furniture, cushions, lamps and rugs with colorful decorative elements from all corners of the world. The contemporary or modern style adopts popular interior design trends and combines a variety of styles. Hygge, lagom or a simpler Scandinavian style can be easily combined with other interior design styles.

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